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Can Privacy Be Found With Home Security Cameras?

September 18, 2020
security camera on the outside of a house

Privacy versus the lack of privacy with home security cameras is a very hot topic at the moment. What the flack is all about is the capability of home security cameras to watch and/or record homeowners at home without their express knowledge. While cameras are intrinsic to an effective home security system here in Burlington, MA, some opponents are voicing their concerns that these same cameras could be utilized in an invasive manner. If you have such a security camera inside your home, is there anything you can do? Our specialists at Action Lock & Key recommend a couple things.

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5 Ways You Can Outsmart a House Burglar

June 18, 2020
Burglar Lock Picking

Want to outsmart potential burglars? Our Action Lock & Key team wants to provide you with tips to ensure your property stays safe.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Home Security This Spring

April 14, 2020
Home Security

Spring is symbolic of new beginnings and rebirth, as well as the quintessential time for spring cleaning. Perfectly coinciding with these, spring is also an excellent time of year to make a thorough assessment of your home’s security.  Take a nice long walk around your home—both inside and outside—to check all your security items are…

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You Can Help Prevent a Home Invasion

February 28, 2020
Home Invasion|6 Interesting Facts About Locksmiths|school

You probably don’t like to think about a burglar breaking into your home in Burlington. Everyone prefers to believe their home is a safe haven for their family and friends. However, the truth of the matter is a burglary occurs once every three minutes, according to SafeWise, the home safety, and security experts.  Our team…

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