Action Lock & Key specializes in locksmith solutions for retailers, shopping centers, office buildings, medical centers, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial properties in Cambridge, MA.

We have earned our reputation in the commercial security sector for highly trained locksmiths and security technicians. We are experts at supplying, installing, and servicing electronic locking systems, master key systems, and commercial architectural hardware, including door closers, hinges, and pivots.

Our knowledgeable and efficient support staff provides information to assist our field technicians and communicate with clients.

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Touchless Wave Switches

Touchless wave switches are exactly what they sound like—light switches that turn on and off with a simple wave of your hand. They’re a great way to improve hygiene, eliminating the need to touch a potentially contaminated surface.

Touchless wave switches can also give your Cambridge, MA, business a modern and sophisticated look.

Whether you aim to improve your facility's accessibility, reduce the spread of germs, or modernize your space, we provide customized pedestrian automatic door solutions to meet your requirements.

Our team of certified professionals is ready to install and maintain automatic doors, making life easier for everyone in your building.

Life Safety Hardware

Life safety is a primary concern for everyone. Our Action Lock & Key staff provides expert knowledge, driven by experience and continuing education, in building code compliance, which is critical for providing a safe workplace environment for all occupants.

Fire-rated doors, exit devices, door closers, and many other products are commonly used to secure doors and stop the spread of fire.

Handicap Access (ADA)

Action Lock & Key has years of professional experience complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by installing and servicing handicap-access door operators and integrated locking systems. Security and accessibility are achievable with our knowledgeable staff on the job.

Handicap accessibility is a crucial element of your business. Our Action Lock & Key installers are American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) certified and have the knowledge to make locking systems work in unison and meet all building codes.

ADA-compliant commercial doors provide numerous advantages to businesses and can help avoid costly ADA violation fines.

As a commercial property owner, it's important to understand that there are specific regulations governing accessibility that mandate ADA compliance. These guidelines are designed to ensure that all individuals, including those with disabilities, can access commercial buildings.

Access Control Security Systems

We have the latest knowledge and technology for all your access control system needs. Industry experience and extensive knowledge of electronic locking systems are required to successfully provide the most effective locking device to support your access control system.

We install and service the most professional equipment with confidence. Additionally, we understand the importance of your security and strive to ensure your workplace is safe and secure.

Exit Devices

Exit devices, sometimes known as crash bars, are lifesavers. Well-built exit devices, when installed in a professional manner, should provide years of durable service. There are many types of exit devices made for different doors and frames—our team at Action Lock & Key has the knowledge to ensure the correct model is in place.

Locksets and Architectural Hardware

It is important to maintain a building standard by providing the right hardware. It gives clients and visitors the aesthetic of organization, continuity, and professionalism within any commercial building. At Action Lock & Key, we will help select and install the most appropriate hardware for your building.

Door Closers

Door closers are an essential part of every security system. They protect your Cambridge, MA, business from harsh outside environmental hazards, help maintain the integrity of your door and frame, and stop the spread of fire.

If your door is closing too fast or the door is too heavy to open, Action Lock & Key will address these issues. Door closers come in many grades and finishes and have multiple uses that our technicians can install and maintain for your business.

Master Key Systems

A well-organized and well-maintained key system is what we offer. Action Lock & Key has been providing standard and high-security key systems for over 30 years.

It is essential for all facility managers to have a vendor to provide this service. Action Lock & Key takes the time to educate and work with your facility manager to maintain the integrity of your system.

High-Security Locks/Keys

Patent-protected locks and keys protect you against picking, drilling, bumping, and unauthorized key duplication. We are authorized dealers for Schlage Primus XP High-Security locks. Which, in most cases, can be installed in your existing commercial hardware to increase the security of your facility.

Cabinet and Desk Locks

Your personal security in the workplace is also very important to us. We have years of experience installing desk and cabinet locks inside a variety of businesses. At Action Lock & Key, we understand that items in your desk or cabinet are valuable and may be sensitive.

Our expert locksmiths are able to pick a lock and create a replacement if necessary. We also include rekeying cabinets and desk locks in case a key has gone missing.

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“We have been an ALK client for several years.  We have had them help us with multiple locations ranging from repairs to ADA compliant solutions and locks that integrate into our security system.  They have always been there to help. They have been extremely accommodating with service as well – there have been times of emergency where help was needed immediately and they have quickly responded around the clock with professional service. We rest easier knowing that if things go unplanned, they are there to help.” Dan A.