Metro Boston Residential Locksmith Services

When you need a one-stop shop for any locksmith repair job in the Boston Metro Area, give Action Lock & Key a call. We specialize in residential locksmith services throughout Cambridge, MA, and all the surrounding areas.

Getting locked out of your home, or quickly needing to replace your locks because of a break-in, is incredibly stressful. You can count on Action Lock & Key to do the job promptly and professionally.

We are one of the top locksmith companies in Massachusetts, having installed, serviced, and repaired locks for homes for over 30 years!

Rekeying of Locks

Do you know where every key ever made to your home is located? Contractors in and out over the years? Just purchase a new home?

These are great reasons to consider rekeying the locks on your home.

There is a misconception that when a realtor or contractor gives you keys, there are no other sets. In most cases, this could not be further from the truth.

Most likely, those keys they just gave you belonged to the last homeowner or subcontractors, and who knows who they issued keys to? Rekeying your locks adds a blanket of security to your home. We guarantee the stuff in your home is worth MUCH more than what the service will cost!

Lock Service and Replacement

Are your keys hard to operate in the door lock, making it difficult to open? Do you need to slam the door to get it to latch?

Does the door knob simply pull off the lock completely?

Odds are we can repair most of the lock issues found in your home, and if the lock is beyond repair or not worth repairing, we can discuss replacement lock options with you. We offer many top brands, such as Schlage, Kwikset, Emtek, Baldwin, Arrow, and Yale. We do our best to match existing lock designs and finishes found throughout your home, and we only offer brands we stand behind.

Lock Installation and Upgrades

Are you in the market to make your home more secure? Need to add a deadbolt or two on existing doors to make them more secure?

Interested in moving to high-security locks that protect against lock picking, drilling, bumping, unauthorized key duplication, and other professional bypass techniques?

We offer a variety of medium to heavy-duty deadbolts as well as high-security locks that can be incorporated into your home. We have brands like Schlage Primus and Medeco ready for installation.

Decorative Door Hardware

Fancy a remodel or designer look for your locking hardware?

At Action Lock & Key, we offer a wide variety of finishes, styles, and handle designs of knob/lever locks as well as deadbolts. We offer quality decorative hardware from brands such as Emtek, Baldwin, and Schlage.

Keyless Entry Locksets

Tired of the hassle of carrying keys? Frustrated about your kids losing keys?

A standalone keyless entry lockset may be the answer.

These systems allow for simple pin code entry and are powered by replaceable batteries. Some units also hold multiple codes, so different codes can be issued to the maid or weekend guest and changed when needed. Schlage, Emtek, and Yale make the most common residential electronic pin code locks.

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“Michael did a superior job in duplicating my front door key. Two other places duplicated the key, but I could unlock the door with their keys. Michael made the duplicate and it works. Recommend and thank you very much!”
- Jay B.