5 Ways You Can Outsmart a House Burglar

Burglar Lock Picking

If you think having a lock on your front door and a latch on your windows is enough to protect your home from burglars, you are wrong. With today’s technology and advanced security systems, burglars are also getting more clever with the ways they target your home without you even knowing.

Fortunately, there are precautionary measures you can take to stay one step ahead of any potential intruders scouring your neighborhood. That’s why we at Action Lock & Key, Inc. in Burlington, MA, are here to provide you with steps to ensure your property stays safe regardless of being home or away.

Here are five ways to help keep a burglar from targeting your home:

  1. Get the right door lock.

Our experienced locksmiths know how crucial it is for our customers to not only choose the right deadbolt for their doors, but to also have it installed. We highly recommend using security plates with three-inch screws covering the door’s entire wood frame for proper installation. 

But keep in mind, not just any deadbolt will keep intruders out. A double cylinder lock requiring a key from the inside is a better option for preventing someone breaking a nearby window, reaching in, and simply turning the lock to let themselves in.

  1. Use your alarm system.

Consumersadvocate.org, an online research, reviews, and recommendations library for consumers, says homes without security systems are three times more likely to be robbed than homes that do. That’s why having one of our home security systems is a smart investment as a homeowner. 

Although it’s a great idea to own an alarm, we cannot stress enough the importance of consistently activating it, so the system serves as an effective deterrent for intruders. In some cases, placing a security sticker in your window or sign in your yard isn’t always enough. One in every 10 seasoned home invaders will ignore your security ads, counting on you forgetting to set the system, and try to break in through your door and/or windows anyway.

  1. Secure your safe.

Maybe you choose to keep your safe in a closet, cabinet, drawer, or another inconspicuous space in your home, but that doesn’t always prevent a burglar from locating it quickly after breaking in. Most skilled intruders are in and out of your home within 10 minutes and don’t want to risk the time it takes to fumble with the lock or tools to pry your safe open. If they feel pressed for time, thieves will most likely haul the safe with them. To help protect your valuables, we recommend taking your security one step further and bolting your safe to the floor or wall.

  1. Be mindful of what you advertise.

Don’t let intruders know when you are away. If you don’t have a home security camera system or another high-tech way to surveillance your property, you need to consider the next best thing. Talk to your neighbors and arrange for someone to keep an eye on your home when you are gone. Ask them to put your trash cans away or collect your mail and newspapers so they don’t pile up on your porch. 

Sometimes, if a burglar suspects you are on vacation, he or she will even go as far as to leave a fake flyer on your door to see how long it takes for you to remove it. All these things can be subtle invitations for intruders, notifying them it’s their prime opportunity to break in.

  1. Choose a trustworthy locksmith.

Many home invasions can be avoided when you choose an honest and trustworthy locksmith, like Action Lock & Key, Inc., to handle all of your security needs. We have the skills and knowledge to install, fix, and replace your locks and security systems properly and advise you on which areas of your home to focus your security.

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