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With technology continually changing and improving, it’s not surprising locks for your home are included in this wave. According to Grand View Research, by 2024 the demand for smart locks is projected to exceed 135 million units. Here in Burlington, MA, many of our homeowners have already updated from their traditional locksets to keyless entry locks. And why not? These types of locks typically offer higher levels of convenience and security. Here at Action Lock & Key, Inc., our professional locksmiths are installing more and more of them on a regular basis.

What Are Keyless Entry Locks?

Keyless entry locks are locks you can open without a key––the key being replaced by technology for entry. This technology exists for both doorknob/handle locks and deadbolts. In addition to having choices between brand names, styles, and finishes, you need to decide which type of technology is best suited for you and your home. 

Keyless Options

When thinking about which type of keyless entry lock(s) you want for your home, you probably want to start with what kind of technology you want––keypad, biometric, Bluetooth®, or radio frequency identification (RFID).

No doubt you have seen the keypad technology everywhere. This type of keyless option has a keypad where you enter a code for entry. A perk with the code is you can change it as needed and give different people different codes. There are also some models that offer a key-cylinder option if you prefer to still have a key entry as a backup.

Biometric, another option, is becoming more popular for residential use. The term biometric in regard to keyless locks means using a physical or behavioral characteristic, like a fingerprint or voice pattern, to confirm identity. Many biometric locks have a two-step process––after a thermal or optical scan, you enter a code for authentication.

A Bluetooth-enabled lock is the most convenient type of keyless entry lock to use, as it takes you the least effort to unlock. It uses your smartphone or key fob to unlock the door when you are within a specific distance from the door. Many offer an alternate key-access option in case of battery failure.

The RFID option also offers a fob, as well as a card. With the fob, it can work similarly to your car’s key fob with you pushing the fob button when you are within the appropriate distance. Other fobs work very much like a Bluetooth-enabled lock where it senses your fob automatically and unlocks. With the card, some you swipe or tap to unlock the door, just as many hotels use for room keys, and others work like the close-proximity fob or your smartphone. Many of both the fob- and card-option locks offer a secondary access as a backup. 

Pros and Cons of These Locks

As with everything, there are both pros and cons to utilizing these types of locks. You need to decide what fits best for your lifestyle, but our homeowners who have keyless locks think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


Convenience. This is the top advantage any way you look at it. No more fumbling for your key, replacing little Tommy’s lost key, or needing to loan a copy to the neighbor to water your plants when you are on vacation. The convenience of not dealing with keys in each of these type of situations is a headliner.

Enhanced security. Having complete control over who has entry access to your home definitely provides you enhanced security. You set the codes and you decide who has them. Being able to change them frequently is another advantageous security factor.

Durability. While traditional locksets can wear over time, requiring maintenance or replacement, keyless entry locks tend to be more durable. The only maintenance typically required is replacing the batteries.


Forgetting the code. Just like you can forget your key, you can forget your code, leaving you locked out. But, as already pointed out, some keyless entry locks have a backup key-cylinder option.

Power failure. If your lock is electronically controlled, a power failure may affect the lock’s ability to either to lock or unlock your door. Either way, this creates an issue. However, these locks typically have a battery backup for such situations.

Hackers. Though this is not yet a prevalent problem, through the upcoming years, as with any newer technology, hackers may find a way through. 

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