Why You Should Rekey Your House

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Rekeying your house’s locks is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to improve your home’s security. Changing the locks completely brands any old keys useless, thereby giving you new locks and keys. Even if you can account for every old key to each lock in your home, there are several reasons why you’d still want to rekey your Burlington, MA, home. The locksmiths at Action Lock & Key can take care of this for you, giving you peace of mind that your home’s security is improved. Feel free to talk with us about any of the following reasons.

Six Reasons to Rekey

1. You’ve moved into a new home.

Whether your new home is a new construction, a previously owned home, or a rental property, you should always have the locks rekeyed. You have no idea who has a copy of a key to your house. Even in a new construction, the builders give keys out to subcontractors. This is a must for a secure home.

2. You’re recently divorced or single again.

No matter what terms you’re on with your ex––spouse, significant other, or roommate––it’s always better to rekey. Even if you remain on the best of terms with the person, there could be extra keys floating out there somewhere he or she has shared and forgotten.

3. You’ve lost your keys.

If you’ve lost your keys, or worse, they’ve been stolen, you definitely need to rekey your home. Or maybe your teenage son or daughter has lost his or her house key again. Whatever the circumstance, you have no idea what the intention is of the person who finds them. These days, key copies can be made from a simple photo. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Someone didn’t return a spare key.

You have so many people in your life coming and going from your home. A babysitter, a subcontractor, a neighbor. These people all play a valuable role in your life, and it’s convenient or sometimes necessary to give them a key. But once that person no longer plays that role, sometimes he or she forgets to return your house key. It’s time to rekey.

5. Things in your home have gone missing.

Mysteriously things in your home seem to be missing on a regular basis. Many times this indicates your locks weren’t rekeyed when you moved in. Sometimes it turns out to be an unscrupulous neighbor returning for more valuables. This is yet another argument for rekeying when you first move in to a home.

6. You have too many keys on your key ring.

Maybe you have four or five different keys on your key ring corresponding to the various doors in your home. This is an easily remedied situation. You could have just one key for all the doors. No more fumbling for the right key for the right door. 

Rekeying a lock by a trained and trusted locksmith, such as our locksmiths at Action Lock & Key, only takes about 10 to 15 minutes per lock. It’s such an easy process to have peace of mind knowing your home is secure with a new custom key matching your lock(s). Call one of our reliable locksmiths at 781-229-9992 to schedule a rekeying at your home.

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